Flying Thoughts of Change. 

​I thought you knew everything, I thought you could actually bring the world at my feet if I’d ever ask for anything, but maybe I was expecting way too much from you. I didn’t know there aren’t any heroes existing in the world and fairy tales aren’t true, there are Kings and Queens but there is nothing called a fairy God Mother in the world, maybe there never existed one before. I guess it was my blind belief in them; Princes, Princesses, the ones who fought for each other, the ones who romanticized the environment around them, the ones who were madly in love with each other, madly in love with every part of each other never really existed but existed only in dreams and imaginary tales.

The beautiful things that fascinated me the most- a big castle, the opening gate, the lovely corridors covered with red carpets, the huge windows, the beautiful embroidered curtains, those roses in every corner, and most importantly, him- the Prince of course. There weren’t any telephones that time so everything was done with the help of something called the ‘the royal letter’; wedding cards or party cards were beautifully handwritten and decorated and are something a printer cannot do. A printer can print flawlessly, without mistakes, no doubt but there was something different about handwritten cards, there was something beautiful about imperfections, imperfections made things seem real; most of them might agree with me, especially the writers and poets who would choose a typewriter over a computer or laptop to write/ type their art work and they know exactly why; you don’t have a backspace on a typewriter (it’s non-undo-able, more likely), they know the beauty of making a mistake while typing on a typewriter to make their work look theirs and that putting a lot of words together and making a meaning out of it isn’t an easy task like most of them think.

Here and there, there was something that looked like a fairy tale, but not exactly. Now, Princes don’t come on white horses with flowers in their hands and open and loyal minds and Princesses don’t smile at them the way they did in their beautiful attires. They don’t love and care like they used to. Instead, they come with dressed minds and covered feelings, knowingly or unknowingly with fake smiles and harsh purposes. But I don’t say that there isn’t any sign of land in the oceans, I don’t say there aren’t any stars brighter than the sun. I believe there is, there is loyalty deeply in the hearts of some but covered with fear or temporarily with something bad which I hope and believe one day will shine brighter than the sun. But for this to happen, you need awareness of what you have within you, what is the purpose of your life in this particular planet and place. Why are you here, seek your purpose and when you find it, that day you’ll be unstoppable, you just have to be loyal and honest to yourself and others. If you change yourself first and help others change, I believe the world will change too. Don’t forget that small droplets of water form an ocean. Then fairy tales aren’t far enough. You need not be perfect but a beautiful imperfection.

My favorite fairytale! Guess which is it?⬆

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Copyright © Viola Fernandes 22 July 2018 



On a beautiful winter eve, when the birds sung along the fluttering leaves. I always wanted to ask him but I didn’t know what feared me, but something convinced me that day and I finally asked him ,”what is love?” He smiled and looked in my eyes His still smile gave me a feeling of satisfaction and l could not move my eyes away from him. I felt an ease in his breath. I wished that the world should’ve frozen at that point, thawing only us. Then finally he managed to answer, clearing his throat, he said, ” Honey, it’s you.” Hearing his words, I felt like the whole world was in front of me and I could never imagine anything better than this whenever I thought of happiness. 

We stared at eachother until we felt the softness of snow on own body. The snow was an echo of all my happiness. I looked at the sky and stretched my arm. Within a few minutes, there was a pile or a mountain most likely, formed on the palm of my hand and it definitely was the right time for a snow fight. Snow fights  still make me feel happier these days but the best time, the happiest and beautiful moment rather, was when I piled up snow and made a snowman out if him; he looked cute though. He laughed at himself and looked at me and said, “What have you done? I look like Olaf now!”. He wanted to crack a joke, but it didnt work out at that time, instead it reminded me my favorite movie( Frozen). 

I never understood why was time an enemy to love and good moments as it always passed faster than bad days ( I hope it doesn’t remain a question in future), that day too, time passed so fast that I could hardly count the number of smiles on our faces. It was getting darker and the snowfall had stopped, but we were still full of excitement and there were a lot of more things to do, but we thought of sitting and watching the moon rise, life seemed just like a dream. The moon never seemed so close to my heart before. I felt like I had oxidised a long time old feeling that truly satisfied my veins. 

This is just a part of the original piece, further writing is going on and will be shared soon. Hope you’ll like this. Kindly give your reviews. 

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Copyright © Viola Fernandes 15 March 2018 

You’re the first one…. 

You’re the first one to smile, when you succeed in something.

You’re the first one to motivate yourself, when you’re mind is upto something.  

You’re the first one to be happy at your achievements and weep at your disappointments. 

You’re the first one to pinch yourself when you’ve thought everything’s a dream. 

You’re the first one to gather yourself when you feel broken. 

You’re the only one who will love yourself unconditionally.

Because there’s is no one who will live yourself and your life. 

So, learn to love yourself first.. 


Copyright © Viola Fernandes 2018

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Thanks giving. 

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for everything you’ve heard for me. Thank you for showing all your affection and love for me. Thank you for helping me in everything when I thought I’d never help myself. Thank you for driving away all the weariness in me, doesn’t matter for how long, atleast I’ve lived a few moments without it. 

Thank you to certain people for coming back into my life and enlightening it with love and affection. 

Thank you for not letting me loose myself in the darkness. 
Sorry if I’ve hurt you in any circumstance, I honestly, didn’t intend to.

I hope you get more than that I’ve lost. I hope you prosper. I hope you live with all the happiness for deserve. 

This is a thanks giving post for all those who want to thank everyone for whatever they’ve done and end this year by putting a smile on everyone’s faces. 

You were never lonely, and you’ll never be. 

Many of us feel lonely at many times of our ongoing life. It may be for a while or maybe it has been a long time. 

How do you define loneliness? Dictionaries say; it’s the sadness caused by lacking of friends or companions. It’s not only lack of friends or companions but the lack of hope in life which can also be a cause of loneliness. We all know that, ‘hope’ is an important part of our lives. When hope is lost, everything seems worthless, but when we have hope, every worthless thing fills with worth. 

Let hope be written on stones maintained throughout life. 

No matter if you don’t have anyone around you but you do have something magical with you, which is always with you; you just need to recognize it. That’s ‘YOU and YOURSELF’.

You need to find the suitable work in drive away your loneliness. Do something you love and excel in it, which may help you forget your sadness and loneliness will go away itself. 

Life is good, just feel it. 

Comment if I’m mistaken in any case. 

A Dark Night. 

A dark night, 

When the sky is full of derns,

Seems to have nothing but has everything,

Behind the blanket of air, 

There lies a home; it is a home,

To silence, immutable silence, 

Then the streets are almost empty, 

You see the moon glance at you, 

So also you glance at it, 

Creating an immortal relationship, 

Distant and beautiful.  

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Copyright © Viola Fernandes 2017 

First post 


Hello WordPress and it’s beautiful users. 

Since I’m new to this family, I would like to introduce myself to all of you out there. 

My name is Viola Fernandes and I’m from Goa, and I love writing poems.

I had never thought about writing blogs and when my 1st attempt became successful, I thought of starting this site. 

I would be grateful if you all appreciate my work by following my site. 

I hope you’ll enjoy. 

Thank you,

Viola Fernandes 

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